Our Journey

Our journey began in 2006, providing Information Technology (IT) products, services and consultancy, with the inking of a partnership agreement with one of Sri Lanka’s leading telecommunications service providers. This facilitated our move into sales and marketing of telecommunication products, which became the core business of our company.

Using knowledge and experience gathered over nearly two decades, we have now diversified our portfolio. Today, we have a strong presence in hospitality, property development and management, both in the commercial and residential sectors, as well as holding strategic investments in marketing and communications.

From inception, our focus has been to create a diverse team of young professionals who would drive not just our business, but our values and brand promise. Our dynamic sales team work in Colombo and the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. Several are those who have been with us since the beginning and are proud members of the Chesmi family. The diverse skills, insights and expansive work experience in our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic team adds to s the dynamism and commitment the team has, to push Chesmi beyond the norm.

Chesmi intends being a key player in providing innovative solutions to improve the quality of life in Sri Lanka.    By 2030, while growing our presence in our current portfolio, we will expand to include leisure and tourism, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, healthcare, and energy.    

Our sights are set on expanding the capacity of our core business at the group level to double by 2025.  With the envisaged upstick in commercial and leisure activity in the next few years, we expect an increase in our profitability at the group level.  Our goal by 2030 is to become a key player in an emerging industry.  

Chairman's Message

When Chesmi Consolidated Private Limited was founded in 2006 as an IT solutions and consultancy service provider, my vision at the time also included contributing to the social, economic and environmental development of my country.

As a corporate and also as an entrepreneur driven by passion, my qualifications in Computer Science gained from the USA strengthened my foundation in leading Chesmi first into the ICT sphere. This was additionally fuelled with experience garnered via several years of international exposure working in senior management. My entrepreneurial spirit was thus honed to bring my vision into realisation.

I have always believed in talented people. I am proud to say I have a trusted team behind me, many of whom have been on this journey since the beginning. It is this dynamic team that has skillfully steered the company to take strategic decisions, capitalise on lucrative investments and diversify our portfolio.

Today, we enjoy a strong presence in four sectors: Telecommunications, Hospitality, Property Development and Marketing and Communications; with our ambitions being strong, our focus goes beyond.By 2025, we will double the capacity of our core business at group level and turn a healthy profit in our newer investments. We will infuse our core values of ownership, delivery, discipline and passion into our formula for growth. This will be driven by our pledge to continuously assess the sustainability of our business practices in keeping with our corporate purpose: bring convenience, contentment and sense of purpose to the lives of our stakeholders.

In the coming years, Chesmi plans to further expand operations to include new industries: Leisure, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture, Healthcare and Energy. Further, by 2030, we will establish a pioneering flagship enterprise in an emerging industry whilst driving our spirit of entrepreneurship into new realms.

Join us as we embark in our journey.

Himal Hettiarachchiy 


History / Milestones

Bringing convenience and contentment to the lives of our stakeholders.

Ownership | Delivery | Discipline | Passion

2025 - 2X Growth at GP level of the core business profitable and growing business in 5 years.

2030 - Establish a pioneering flagship enterprise in an emerging industry.


When knowledge, experience and multiple skills combine with strong motivation, unwavering focus and single-minded vision, our company is in good hands. Meet the team at Chesmi Consolidated, a collective of dedicated individuals who together lead us in aspiring towards newer and broader horizons.