Customised Solutions

The ICT sector was our first business venture, given the potential we foresaw for businesses that invested in the product and service advances of ICT capabilities. Our consultancy services offered a strong business approach to developing customer-specific solutions based on industry expertise and functionality. To date, we offer organistions across the private, public and social sectors, ICT proficiency that enables cost effective solutions, opportunities and convenience.

Since then, we have made the strategic decision to expand our portfolio and capitalise on lucrative business opportunities in a
multitude of other diverse segments; Marketing and Communication and Hospitality, as well as Property Development and
Management. Our core business, however, remains the sales and marketing of telecommunications products and services. Sales and marketing of telecommunications products and services is the backbone on which Chesmi Consolidated has been established. With well over a decade of experience and a dynamic sales force spread across Colombo and the northern and eastern provinces, Chesmi is now the leading agent in this segment.

Being one of the most dynamic sectors in Sri Lanka, telecommunications plays a major role in the employment, productivity, innovation, and overall economic growth of the country. It also serves as a conduit for direct foreign investment. With this industry holding massive investment potential, we intend optimising on this paradigm. We look to pursuing expansion opportunities as we move forward.